Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery/Audit Testimonials

I enjoyed the CBRM class so much I want to send one of my team members.
Andy A. // CISSP, CCISO, Director, Security, Compliance and Audit | LenderLive Network Inc.
Just a quick note to thank you for the fantastic training session last week in San Francisco! The course covered exactly what I was hoping it would, and I only wish I had taken it sooner.
Barbara D. // MBA, ARM, CBRM, Risk Manager, TAP Pharmaceutical
BRCCI's Business Continuity Planning Methodology really makes a distinction between the BCP Process and BCP Management. After taking the class, I realized I was focusing totally on process, the BIA, Business Units Plans, etc., and neglecting the management aspect of the program. Thanks Akhtar for broadening my perspective.
Besty H. // California Franchise Tax Board
This is one of the best courses I have taken in my 30+ years in Information Technology. The course was very organized and informative. The instructor did an outstanding job explaining the material and keeping the class interested with student participation and real-life experiences. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like quality Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery training.
Ben B., // ADP Inc.
BRCCI's course is one of the most important training programs I have attended in my business career. The methodology was presented in a very organized and logical fashion, made understandable by the very experienced instructor. I would recommend this program to anyone wishing to learn the process of Business Continuity and Resilience, especially those whose primary function is to conduct such a program. Thank you also for the well written manual and text book.
Iris H. // Director, New York University
I found the course to be extremely thorough. I left the course with a full understanding of the methodology behind the Business Continuity Life Cycle. We will be using the knowledge gained from this course as we restructure our own program. This course is a valuable tool to any professional within the BCP community.
Elizabeth V // MSSASS
As our Agency's business practices have matured and the processes that support them become more dependent on IT technology, we were becoming unbalanced in the area of plan development. This class is a fresh review of best practices and methodology that lends itself to a better understanding of business continuity management, and its presentation provides a sure path in which a complete business continuity program is developed. The class format provided for a sharing of insights and ideas that I found valuable for continued professional growth in this industry. Many thanks.
Joseph T. // MBCI, COOP / Disaster Recovery, Peace Corps.
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on a "job well done" on the Business Resilience Training which you conducted onsite at North Carolina State University. I found your class well-rounded and quite informative. The non-traditional approach which you took in teaching the methodologies, principles and components of Business Resilience was extremely helpful. The fact that you came onsite to conduct this training helped to solidify the training even more because it afforded BRCCI the opportunity to touch and feel the environment which we as the customer functioned in, but it also gave you the opportunity to perform a high level assessment of our program. Having these onsite training advantages allowed you to tailor the training modules where needed to our environment. Once again, thanks!
Ann H. // Assistant Director North Carolina State University RMIS Disaster Recovery and Risk Management
Since I attended my training classes with BRCCI, I have been able to establish a program within my organization as opposed to a position for DR and Service Continuity, moved up to the next pay tier, hire a new staff member, as well as manage a roadshow where I use the information that BRCCI provided me to educate my colleagues right up to senior level management about DR, Service Continuity, Business Resilience and how my organization compares to industry standard. Feedback that has been given is that my roadshow presentation is valuable, compelling and that it actually gives incentive to rectify some gaps that are rather significant. Essentially, given my previous experience and my knowledge garnered from the BRCCI courses I have been able to breathe life into this subject at my organization and somehow I make it interesting and am able to engage the right resources to move us forward to more mature model. I thank you for your help in that.
Jenn E. // EHealth Ontario
The course was presented in a logical, even paced format by an instructor who took the time to understand your environment and how BCP would relate to you. Thoroughly enjoyed the class.
Steven R. // Technical Lead | Veritiv Corporation
Taking both the CBRITP and CBRA certification course has been very beneficial to me. The CBRITP Course confirmed to me that I am on the right path to creating a true business recovery plan for I.T., taking what I learned from you will help me build and organize a stronger plan. Taking into consideration that I.T. has been driving this plan from the beginning it will now give me a strong foundation to move the plan forward. The CBRA certification course has given me a greater appreciation of what the Auditor’s expect from us to ensure that the company is protected in the long term, and although this is not the direction I plan on taking in my career, it rounds out the business recovery picture. I thoroughly enjoyed my classes with you. The one thing you brought to me is your willingness to listen and use my companies challenges in the training, this allowed me to understand how what I was doing was beneficial to the company and how I was providing a crucial element to the company. Having that validation from someone like you who has done this before, validated my work. I know that you train people for a living, but if there were more trainers like you, I think career education would be better off.
Steven R. // Technical Lead | Veritiv Corporation
No matter how experience manager you may be, you will never leave this course with the same mindset you came in. This course is transformational!.
Stephen T. // Director BC, Travelers Insurance Company
The course is an eye-opening one. It brings to life the whole idea of Business Continuity with the embedded Risk Management and Business Impact Assessment. For any organization to really prepare for disruptive events and be resilient, this course is a must.
Reindolf G.
I attended the course knowing very little about the BCP concept. However, the facilitator handled the such that even a novice could appreciate the concept of Business Resilience and Business Continuity Plan. The teaching method which was interactive and participatory helped participants to share experiences. The group work was excellent for capacity building in BCP, it is BRCCI. They are the best.
Comfort M // Chief Revenue Officer, Ghana Revenue Authority
Thank you BRCCI for the quality, relevant content around Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. The depth of knowledge or the instructor (I'm talking about you Rick) and candidness are appreciated and relevant. I feel more confident, prepared, and knowledgeable around the topics of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. If you are looking for BC and DR rolled into one, this is your course.
Jason H. // Manager of Change management, DR and BC
Definitely a good course for tying concepts together and helping you set up a process for establishing a BC Program. Very helpful in translating military methods and terms into business concepts and terms.
Laura C. // Managing Associate
Came in for the second day and was able to understand the entire course thanks to the instructor's skill of presentation and working knowledge.
A. S. M.
The training was great. The instructor was very knowledgeable, experienced and the presentation was thorough.
Arghajit A. // Disaster Recovery Expert / IT Specialist, Unisys
As an employee of the United Nations, the information I received at BRCCI - CBRM course was invaluable as it exposed me to principle & procedures/templates of Business Continuity which I was interested in. I'm also impressed by the knowledge posses by the instructor & his knowledge on the subject matter. Thank You.
Suyog S. // Information Systems Officer - Business Continuity, United Nations
I greatly appreciate Rick's real-world examples.
Linda C. // Principal BC Architect, Quantivate
BRCCI's approach to business continuity, (IT) disaster recovery and the overarching business resiliency that so many organizations aspire to achieve, is a sensible and realistic approach. I feel that the training I received covers the spectrum of what a Business Continuity professional needs in order to rightly implement and manage a business continuity program and the associated plans.
Jim M. // Supervisor, IT Business Resiliency, UC Davis Health
Greetings! I wanted to thank you for your time in teaching the CBRM class this week. While it was a tremendous amount of information, you made the journey very informative and I have the utmost respect for your expertise. You can bet I will probably be contacting with questions and insights in the future. But until then, stay well. With joy.
Missy Hill // Director, Vizient Company
This course was one of the most valuable and pertinent that I have taken in my 35 years of service!
Larry M. // Facilities Director, CalSTRS.
The course exceeded my expectations. I feel much more confident now about making the decisions that lay in front of me than I did prior to taking the course.
CHS III // CEH., CBRM, Director - Information Security, Access Group Inc.
I've worked in Business Continuity nine years and this is the first course I've taken that contains a methodology that is clear and concise. The course stepped us through the planning process and incorporated industry standards, regulations and best practices in a context that was comprehensive and easy to understand.
Carolyn B. // Schwab Ops BCP
I just wanted to send you a thank you for the CBRM Seminar instruction. When I returned to work on Tuesday, I passed along to my boss and coworkers that the course and instructor were excellent. One of my peers even said, "Wow, you NEVER say that about a training course." Having a background in training, I'm a pretty tough judge when it comes to external training seminars. The course surpassed my expectations.
Lesley S. // CBRM Operational Risk/Compliance, M&T Bank
As Information Technology Officer, and Business Continuity Coordinator for Julius Baer Bank & Trust (Cayman), I found the information provided in the classroom to be instructional, invaluable and well presented. With this new understanding of the complete business recovery process and the methodology behind it, I am now able to lead teams to redevelop our BCP and provide my organization with a state-of-the-art business continuity plan and program. Many thanks to the BRCCI Team!
L. S. // Julius Baer Bank & Trust Company Limited.
I enjoyed the course very much. The structure of the material presented made for a clear understanding of the overall business continuity process. The pace of the class was perfect, no overload of information on any one day. It provided me with a solid foundation upon which to build processes and plans for my company. I will be scheduling my employees for future offerings of this class. The class also provided a forum for discussion with peers from other companies.
Greg B. // Program Manager, Princeton Healthcare Sys
Being a seasoned Business Resiliency Professional responsible for locations throughout the United States & Canada, I highly recommend the training received over the past 2 years to experienced & novice Business Continuity Program. Both the CBRA (taken in 2013) & the CBRM (taken in 2012) training received were: very well structured, well delivered by experience/knowledge Business Continuity Professionals & very interactive - allowing learning opportunities from international participants. In addition, both I was provided valuable information & templates I currently use continue to use going forward. Thanks again for this great opportunity.
Thomas H. // Business Resilience Manager, Dealertrack.
I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and, in particular, Dr. Syed, for the impressive curriculums that were presented last week. I had the privilege of sitting Dr. Syed's seminar for the CBRM as well as the CBRA. In short, they were both well structured to present complex processes and concepts in a cohesive, concise and logical order. Moreover, the two curriculums will serve as the primary drivers for how I structure my internal Business Continuity/Resiliency models as well as my auditing techniques. The "takeaways" from both classes are superb in terms of ease of use and clarity of logic. Off note, the seminar setting offered an intellectual intimacy that fostered solid discussion and direct dialog on the complex topics presented. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would most certainly recommend and encourage attendance to both seminars. Well Done!
John K. // DKI Services
On my initial contact with the BRCCI organization I asked a bunch of in depth questions about there Business Continuity educational program. The questions were answered, expeditiously, in detail, and with no pressure to hire their service. After comparing other organizations providing similar services, the BRCCI customer service division spoke for its self and the organization it represented. Their main goal seemed to be one of empowering the patrons interested in there educational based services. I signed up for the CBRM, and the CBRA certification classes through BRCCI because of this. The instructor not only covered the course material, but made it interesting and kept the students engaged by doing so. The instructor not only had a complete and thorough understanding of the material, but was able to introduce real world applications, events, and how the training would be applied under the numerous different scenarios presented to him by the students. BRCCI training gives you the tools to not only protect your company, and community, it gives you the tools that are applicable to protect and secure your family. BRCCI training strengthens your resume and employ ability I would recommend the services of BRCCI to anyone.
Joel P. // CT Tech Foreman, Alaska Communications Systems.
Great instructor and great material. This course help make the connection between business continuity planning and audit. Anyone who audits Business Continuity should take this course.
Kyle G. // Senior Auditor, Investors Group Inc.
I have taken numerous BCP courses within Canada and this by for us the least complicated. Easy to understand and can be used in all levels of business/private/government no matter the size. Well done!
Helene T. // Public Health Agency of Canada
Great, overall course providing a great deal of information to consider when going through the all phases of Business Continuity Planning.
Elaine G. // Region of Peel.
This course has provided the roadmap + content I need to initiate the BCP process for my organization. Very comprehensive and informative for such an important requirement in today's business environment. Thank you, Akhtar.
Susan H. // Senior Manager, Laboratory Facilities, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
The programme is very insightful and I will recommend it to management to get other staff members trained on it.
Belinda O // Senior Revenue Officer, Ghana Revenue Authority.
Just wanted to touch base and let you know how much I enjoyed the training this past week. Mr. Wellman was an excellent instructor. There was a lot of information to get through in 2 days. However, with his knowledge and background in the industry, he was able to tie topics together with his own experiences - this added a greater level of depth and relevancy to the training. Excellent experience.
Daniel L. // Emergency Preparedness & Continuity of Operations, U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command
I wanted to send a note telling you how much I enjoyed this class. Over the last year, I have viewed Business Continuity as a chore but I came back with an overwhelming feeling that BC is an exciting opportunity to protect our business.
Joe P.. // Manager F & S Admin.
If you are looking for Business Continuity training that cuts through the extraneous material and delivers a methodology that is short, straight-to-the-point and real world in its implementation, I can recommend no other training than that which is provided by BRCCI.
Laurence H. // Physical Security Manager, Raytheon
No, I think the instructor did an amazing job, especially considering we were learning virtually.
Chrystal G. // Administrative Assistant Operations & Environmental, Clark Public Utilities
I am practicing Business Continuity since four(4) years now, and I have found this course very useful and comprehensive, despite the difference of language. I have learned a lot and I want to thank Akhtar for its very easy approach and the practical examples provided from different sectors, that being more clarity to the training.
Jonathan Djie // Chief Information Security Officer / Chief Business Resilience Officer, Mobile Telephone Network
Akhtar is very knowledgeable and very patient as he answered all my questions well for me to understand. Thank You for the knowledge shared.
Siphiwe M. // Manager, Charles Shwab
Enjoyed the class and got the kind of overview, introductory, and how-to information I was looking for.
Deborah W. // Operational Excellence Manager, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Learned a lot in this class. The instructor, Rick, could draw from decades of experience in BCP development, implementation, and maintenance. Stories were kept to a minimum so that he could focus on pertinent topics to cover and lessons learned the hard way were a part of every subject. Much appreciated insight.
Jaina Ko. // Environmental, Health and Safety Advisor
BRCCI training format was very clear and concise. The training instructor wealth of knowledge really helped improved the flow of the course content where I can retain and apply course content scenarios within my own organization.
David Zavitske. // Business Resilience Lead, Canadian Blood Services
A class for everyone, but disaster recovery personnel and auditors will benefit more from the class. The instructor is very knowledgeable and makes the class interesting, he presented real work experiences in both how private organizations operate and Governmental entities.
Clifton Persaud // Assistant Director, US Congress
Excellent course that provides practical information in what a BCM program should have. Also presented good information from IT perspective.
Michael J. // Managing Director, Binnie House Solutions, Inc.
I just wanted to drop a note to say that the course was very useful and Rick did an excellent job. He is a great instructor and is obviously very knowledgeable in the field.
Daniel M. // CBRM Operational Risk/Compliance, M&T Bank
BRCCI provided a comprehensive course on the key aspects of business continuity planning. Of particular note is their management planning approach to develop comprehensive continuity plans. This course is highly recommended for any individuals needing to lead their organization in business continuity readiness.
Glenn H. // BC Consultant
I truly walked away from your course with a lot more knowledge about Business Continuity than I could have gained by just reading books. I have some experience in disaster recovery but never thought there was so much more to learn. I am back at work utilizing everything you have taught and now I feel much more confident to do a Continuity pitch to my senior management. Thanks for a great experience.
Marlyne W. // GE
It was a course rich in content, meticulously presented and would enrich the knowledge of developing Disaster Recovery Managers, sharpen the skills of Business Continuity Plan developers and really open the eyes of would-be believers still sitting on the fence! In this field we strive to make contingency plans to cover most eventualities but situations like those in New Orleans, post-Hurricane Katrina, not only boggles the mind but underscores the need for excellent foresight in this field. BRCCI provides the tools to do so.
Roslyn B. // M.D, Assistant Director, Bermuda Hospital.
It was a pleasure meeting you and attending the seminar last week. The seminar was very informative, concise and practical. Although my organization has made some headway in BC planning, this training was useful in piecing together the various documents and initiative in progress. The topic of business resilience was new and edifying; I plan to introduce the learnings in my organization. Best Regards.
Madhu T. // Novartis Pharmaceuticals
I thought this was an exceptional business continuity course in the way it was presented. The methodology approach made it very easy to understand and have clarity on how to proceed to the next stage(s), as well as the interdependencies of the stages. I feel more empowered to be a focal point within my company regarding Business Resiliency. I was also very appreciative of the opportunity to receive a certification for this course which will add more validity to my professional development along this career path. The instructor was well versed in his field and very accommodating to the class attendees.
William W. // CBRM, Project Manager - Disaster Recovery, First American Corporation.
I admit I was afraid this course was just like many others courses I took over the years. BRCCI proved me wrong. It has an impressive amount of information. The methodology approach is great. There are plenty of tools out there, but it´s when you know the ´why´, ´how´ and ´when´ when everything makes sense. After taking this course I feel more confident to be able to help develop a BC Plan for my company, which I feel is a big challenge and other courses not teaching the methodology just wouldn´t work for us.
Martin C. // CBRM, Arch., Soc. Argentina de Inversiones Agropecuarias S.A.
Going into this course I believed to be going through the motions. But I was quickly surprised the diverse group of people attending from around the country and Europe and Central America. The step process we followed during the duration of the course was familiar to the steps I followed when I worked with users from several different areas around my company. But the level of detail we discussed and the importance we gave to the risk assessment and business impact made me re-think what I did and what I need to do for my company's plan. I plan to become a part of the user group get help me come up with new and different ideas to make our plans better. I also plan to become part of a dialog group to keep in sync. with new ideas & concepts. I recommend this program to all persons involved in Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Crisis Management, the course will add volumes to the knowledge you have already acquired.
Peter B. // Disaster Recovery / BCP Coordinator, CYTEC Industries Inc.
This course served as a one-stop shop for obtaining knowledge on Business Continuity Planning. I would recommend this course for all business personnel who needs expertise in Business Continuity.
Nilofar A. // SMS Officer, Dubai Airports
This course provided me with the answers to all my questions! And it gave me efficient, usable tools and references to implement immediately. The instructor is a true subject matter expert!
Kim N. // Security Business Support Manager
A wonderful and detailed course covering nearly every aspect of Business Continuity. A resource for the experienced as well as those new to the field.
Everett G. // Wisconsin Gov
The course is critical to every organization irrespective of a sector as it is customizable to suit their respective needs. It is also in line with international best practices standards and many other governance frameworks.
Nwagu C. // IT Manager, West African Gas Pipeline Limited
Overall, the course was very beneficial and insightful as it touches on several areas (unexpected). I came out of the course well rounded and appreciating all the various components that go in the BC Plan. I strongly recommend this programme to my colleagues.
David N.
Well prepared course, with a qualified and experienced teacher.
Idjouola A. Joseph // Mobile Telephone Network
Great instruction - Highly recommended.
Robert J. // Area Security Manager | Amazon
I attended the course knowing very little about the BCP concept. However, the facilitator handled the such that even a novice could appreciate the concept of Business Resilience and Business Continuity Plan. The teaching method which was interactive and participatory helped participants to share experiences. The group work was excellent for capacity building in BCP, it is BRCCI. They are the best.
Comfort M // Chief Revenue Officer, Ghana Revenue Authority
An outstanding course of instruction in the complete outline and understanding of a Business Continuity Program, and planning process. Taught by total subject matter experts in this field.
Brian B // Broadhurst
Thanks to Rick for an excellent presentation and facilitation of the course materials, and for his generous offering of experience and real-world knowledge - these are absolutely invaluable.
Wally P. // MPH
Loved the instructor. He was easy to listen to and did not just read off the slides. He kept us engaged and offered any assistance/explanation requested.
Arghajit A. // Disaster Recovery Expert / IT Specialist, Unisys
Akhtar, First I wanted to thank you for an awesome couple of days. As I said the CBRA really put everything together for me. A little over 18 months ago after attending the CBRM & ITP seminar, I was well equipped to launch and develop our BCP program. In the last couple of days and with a bit more experience under my belt, I can definitely see a clearer path forward in further developing our program by using an auditors' point of view.
Pierre C. // Business Continuity/Content Security, Tolor
This education gave a wealth of information which will provide a solid foundation for any Business Continuity Program! I highly recommend the investment of time.
Missy H. // Director, a Vizient company
Rick Wellman is an outstanding instructor.
Thomas N. // OCC Bank Examiner, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency - U.S. Treasury
Richard Wellman did an excellent job presenting the material. His experience and "real-world" knowledge took the course to a higher level of understanding.
Creighton Frizzell Manager // Business Continuity and Change Management, Fairfax County Public Schools
Rick did an awesome job of explaining the minutia of DR. This was the best online DR training that I've ever taken. The instructor was fantastic. The MTD breakdown was great.
Joel Archer // Fairfax County Public Schools
A structure and comprehensive learning exercise that can be related to real-life scenarios. Often different aspects are seen working in parts or silos, this course provides a multidimensional view that covers all domains critical for a successful business plan. Highly beneficial in the current market situation, would recommend to other colleagues and friends as well. Thank you for making time during extremely late hours to work with participants across the globe. Appreciate your effort. Dr. Akhtar.
Siddharth Gupta // BR/Sid, HPE innovation hub